Digital Photo Wall Mosaic Show

Make a splash at your event with one of our digital photo mosaic shows! This digital experience complements your in-person photo wall mosaic event and can be shown during your event on the large screen or embedded into your website for long-term viewing. This is also a great way to encourage remote engagement in your event. Choose from the 3D Carousel or the Photo Capture digital shows.

3D Carousel

Choose the 3D Carousel digital show and watch your photo wall mosaic take shape. This is the perfect option for events where you want to show the dynamic energy of the photo wall mosaic. Watch as the individual photos reveal the keystone photo.

Photo Capture

Choose the Photo Capture digital show for a simple and elegant display of each photo at your photo wall mosaic event into the larger keystone photo. The Photo Capture displays each photo without any colorization and has the option to see the photo reel on the side of the mosaic as well. Zoom in on the sample below to see each photo!